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established in 2018

Hi there, or Hej Hej,

We are the Meersman family: Davy, Evi, Maité, Marie-Lou, Maurinne, and our two dogs Moppi and Mill. We are originally from Belgium. In Belgium we had a very busy life. Both of us being self-employed, brought with it a lot of stress and it took a lot of time, not leaving much to spend with each other or our three daughters.

In the summer of 2018 we decided to take some time off for a much needed break. We made plans for a family road trip in our caravan. In the past we had always visited Italy or France, but this time we were ready for something different. So we decided we would travel through Scandinavia for eight weeks. Denmark, Sweden and Norway were on our itinerary. The peace and beautiful nature we encountered there, had us falling in love with these countries (check it here: meersmanroadtrip).

Back home we realized we had lost our hearts on a floater in Sweden, with a glass of wine in hand, enjoying the evening sun, and dreaming of a different life. Our decision was made and so started the search for a new place to call home. Pretty soon, we came across an old school which was up for sale, in one of the most beautiful and most touristic regions of Sweden. Conveniently, the owners were also Dutch speaking, which meant they could easily answer all the questions we had on our mind: questions about life in Sweden, not least about our children’s schooling. They are, after all, our top priority!

In October we hopped on a plane to stay there for 5 days. Very soon it was clear that this was a “once in a lifetime” opportunity. There was so much to see and do in the area! A place where you can enjoy four REAL seasons. Warm, long summer nights, autumn with it’s beautiful colours, berries and mushrooms , and real winters with snow and ice. The temperatures are very pleasant during the summer and the crisp winters are quite mild because of the dry and very sunny, bright days.

We were super excited to be able to entertain guests with activities such as biking, swimming, hiking, moose spotting and canoeing. Winter is ideal for ice skating on the frozen lakes or dog sledging, skiing, cross country skiing or riding through the snow on a snowmobile. With a water playground, a fairy forest and a wild animal park nearby, it also proved to be a dream for kids. And so our journey began. We are very excited, we hope you are too?

See you soon!

Davy, Evi and the girls